A space for focus and peace

Discover nature sounds to fuel your productivity 🎯 and find your calm 🌿


Build Your Soundscape

Immerse yourself in a tranquil environment and effortlessly accomplish your tasks



Dive into the world of Meelio: 🎧 curated sounds, ⚙️ tailor your soundscape to your mood , explore and build new soundscapes every day and much more

With Meelio's oscillation, immerse in the gradual volume shifts of individual sounds over time, transforming them into an exquisite art form

Oscillate Sounds

Discover new soundscapes with the shuffle feature and let Meelio surprise you. Experience unpredicted audio journeys tailored for you

Shuffle Sounds
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Bring friends into your soundscape journey

Share & Play


Mix, match and save sounds to create unique soundscapes

Custom Soundscape

Choose Your Plan

Meelio's Plans & Pricing

Elevate your mental well-being and boost productivity



Soothing sounds for improved well-being

  • Unlimited listening time (beta)
  • 30+ sounds access
  • Play multiple sounds
  • Shuffle sounds
  • Sounds for every mood
  • Basic productivity tools (Coming Soon)
  • Share with friends (Coming Soon)
  • Custom combinations (Coming Soon)

Pro Recommended

$3 billed Monthly Save 20%

Enhanced features and increased productivity

  • Everything in FREE, and
  • Premium soundscapes
  • Focus mode with timer and notifications
  • Progress tracking and insights

Ready to Transform Your Day?

Tailor soundscapes to your mood to elevate focus and boost productivity.


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